Green Poop Early Pregnancy 2022*

Green Poop is not uncommon for pregnant women to notice that their poop is turning green. This is a warning sign that should be taken seriously. This unusual coloration can be caused by many different factors. One common cause is consuming too many green foods. If you notice that your Green Poop, consult a healthcare provider.

Green Poop Pregnancy Third Trimester

Green Poop,In addition to dietary changes, pregnancy can affect your digestive system. Your bile and digestive enzymes are changed. Those changes can cause green or brown poop. Your liver produces bile juice, which breaks down fats in your food. In turn, enzymes and bacteria in your intestines react with the bile and change its colour.

Green Poop Pregnancy Symptom

If you experience diarrhea and Green Poop, call a doctor as soon as possible. This is important because diarrhea can result in dehydration and pre-term labor. To prevent complications, you should drink plenty of water. A doctor can recommend a diet or take supplements to support proper digestion.

Green Poop Pregnancy Sign

If you notice that your Poop has a green color, the problem could be a virus or sensitivity to your diet. If you experience green poop while pregnant, it’s best to see a doctor to get a clear diagnosis. Some women experience Green Poop during pregnancy when their diet is lacking in iron.

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