DIY Pregnancy Announcement Box 2022*

DIY Pregnancy Announcement Box is an inexpensive and unique way to announce your pregnancy. The first step is to choose an unfinished wooden box or blank canvas. You can decorate it however you want. For example, you can add a picture of the baby in a cute pair of shoes. Another fun idea is to use paper clips as baby bumps. You can use two large clips bent together as a baby bump, and then place a smaller paper clip inside.

DIY Pregnancy Announcement Box to Parents

For a more romantic gesture, consider including chocolates. You could ask a baker to add a line of chocolates saying, “Surprise, you’re pregnant!” Or, you can write a sweet love letter to your partner inside DIY Pregnancy Announcement Box. Include reasons why you love him or her and how excited you are to grow your family.

DIY Pregnancy Announcement Box Gifts

Another unique way to DIY Pregnancy Announcement Box is to create a cake. Afterwards, decorate the cake with the words “Grandma” and “Grandpa.” You can even get a friend to take pictures of you reading the chalkboard. You can also put the essentials for the newborn baby inside a soft basket lined with faux fur or fleece. Then, finish the box off with a baby gift.

DIY Pregnancy Announcement Box Ideas

A fun way to announce your pregnancy is to put a funny caption in DIY Pregnancy Announcement Box. Your partner will love reading it. It can also be a fun night in with your partner. Prepare some of your favorite snacks and drinks. Then, wait for your partner to figure out what the message in DIY Pregnancy Announcement Box means! You can also order a mug that says, “We’re having a baby!”

Whether you are trying to tell your parents you are expecting a baby, or you want to announce the gender to your child’s classmates, a DIY pregnancy announcement can be fun and inexpensive. You can start with an unfinished wooden box, and create your own personalized message to reveal your pregnancy.

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