CVS Digital Pregnancy Test 2022*

CVS Digital Pregnancy Test is very accurate, detecting typical pregnancy hormone levels over 99% of the time. However, pregnant women are advised to confirm the result with a physician before using the test. It should also be noted that the test may give false results if the test is not taken on the day of missed period.

CVS Digital Pregnancy Test Sensitivy

CVS Digital Pregnancy Test takes only a few seconds to develop results. It uses an hCG strip to detect pregnancy hormone in the urine. The result window appears with a single blue line and a plus or minus sign. A single positive result means you are pregnant. A negative result means you are not pregnant.

CVS Digital Pregnancy Test Accuracy

The paper strip inside CVS Digital Pregnancy Test acts like a wick. When the strip becomes wet, it activates the battery in the device. Then, the machine reads the lines on the strip with three LEDs and two photosensors. It also uses a battery and a RAM to process the results. The result is shown on an LCD display.

CVS Digital Pregnancy Test Reddit

CVS Digital Pregnancy Test, it is important to remember that some tests can give false negative results. Experts say that this is because the test used is not accurate enough or has a low sensitivity. This means that a positive result can be missed in about 10% of cases.

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